South Korean Artist And Producer Penomeco joins P Nation + announces EP [Dry Flower]

PENOMECO has joined PSY’s label P NATION.

On 20th of April, P NATION announced the news of an exclusive contract with PENOMECO through the official SNS, and PENOMECO also delivered the news to fans through personal SNS.

Subsequently, on the same day, PENOMECO released her first move in P Nation and a new EP [Dry Flower]. A total of 10 songs were included in [Dry Flower], and Hoody, Kid Mill, Sogumm, and Verbal Jint participated.

Youtuber NunReacts Collaborated With Many Korean Artists Such as BewhY, Zico Has Signed An Exclusive Management Contract with CTM

Source : NunReacts Official Youtube Channel

YouTuber NunReacts, who is receiving a lot of love for reaction content about Korean hip-hop scene, has signed an exclusive contract with CULTURE THINK MANAGEMENT (CTM, CEO Jin Kyeom Kim).

NunReacts is a popular YouTuber with over 400k subscribers. As the idea for the name came from a nun, the creator appears in content with wearing a mask of a nun and is called as ‘brother Nun’ or ‘Mr(Mrs). Nun’.

NunReacts has secured a strong fan base with a high understanding of the Korean hip-hop scene and intense reactions to the music and live performance of hip-hop musicians. Also, the official merchandise sold in December was sold out in a short period, proving its popularity.


CTM, a comprehensive artist management company, has a roster including Basick, Colde, Crucial Star, Sam Ock, and many other artists and is providing the same professional management services to creators such as NunReacts, Conut Tv as well, so that creators can give full play to their talents in various fields.

With this exclusive contract as momentum, it is expected that NunReacts will more actively engage in on- and off-line and both inside and outside of Korea as a global YouTuber who promotes Korean hip-hop to overseas hip-hop fans.

Check out NunReacts Official Youtube Channel :

New Adventure For Mr. Aquaman As Beasts And Natives Alike Welcomes Beenzino As Their New Artist + New Single “Monet”

Lim Sung-bin, better known by the stage name Beenzino who debuted under Illionaire Records is now an artist under Beasts And Natives Alike.

A demo version of “Monet” was released via Beenzino’s official SoundCloud account. Beenzino is currently preparing for the release of his 2nd full album, “Nowitzki”.

BEASTS AND NATIVES ALIKE is a South Korean Hip-hop artist management company, has a roster including E SENS, XXX (Kim Ximya, FRNK), 250, Erick Oh, Glen Check, D.Sanders, Jo Woong, and many other artists. It was founded by former SM Entertainment A&R representative Kim Ki-hyun (김기현).

Check out the demo version via Beenzino’s official SoundCloud, below!

Sensational Artist Jessi Is Making A Comeback For ‘What Type Of X’ This March

P Nation’s Jessi is making a comeback.

Jessi’s label PNation posted 3 teaser images along with the digital single title of Jesse, which is scheduled to be released on the 17th, through the official SNS on the afternoon of the 9th. The title is ‘What Type Of X’, and it is a song that honestly expresses Jesse’s unique self-confidence and self-esteem.

In the newly released three teaser images, the appearance of Jesse who exudes an extraordinary fashion sense and confident and confident charisma is contained.

Jesse, who has been a busier year than anyone else, led the challenge craze with ‘Nunu Nana’, released in July last year, and recorded the best sound record, and can generate a hot reaction with the new song, ‘What Type Of X’ released in eight months. The expectation is higher.

It will be released through various online music sites at 6 pm on the 17th.

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ICYMI: Famous Rapper Killagramz Was Arrested For Drug Possession

Famous rapper KILLAGRAMZ was caught by police for possessing cannabis and smoking. On 3rd of March, Seoul’s Yeongdeungpo Police Department said it was investigating a US rapper Kilogram (real name Lee Jun-hee, 29) for violating the Narcotics Control Act (hemp).

Mr. Lee was arrested on the 1st at about 4:10 pm at his home in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, and was arrested by the police who had been dispatched after receiving a report of “burning smell.” It is said that the house was smoky and the smell of burning mugwort was strong when the police were dispatched.

Police accused the rapper of smoking hemp, but Lee initially denied the charges, saying, “I don’t do hemp,” and “it’s just the smell of e-cigarettes.” However, the police found dry-leaf hemp in the kitchen.

They also found inhalers made of plastic used to smoke powdered hemp and hemp in the ventilator box and workroom drawers. In the end, Mr. Lee was reported to have admitted that he bought hemp for 400,000 won from an unknown foreigner in Itaewon, Seoul in December of last year, and that he smoked some of them.

The police are investigating whether anyone has smoked hemp with Mr. Lee. KILLAGRAMZ, who made his name public by appearing on Show Me The Money contest in 2016, has released several albums and has been broadcasting.    

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GOT7’s Yugyeom signed an exclusive contract with AOMG + Unveils Flaming Charismatic Dance Video For ‘Franchise’

GOT7’s Yugyeom is now officially an AOMG artist.

On February 19th, AOMG unveiled Yugyeom has finally joined their HIP-HOP and R&B label.

AOMG shared this announcement, “We are here to announce that Yugyeom is officially signed with AOMG to take a new step together. Please keep your eyes out on Yugyeom’s various musical activities with AOMG.”

AOMG shared Yugyeom’s “dance visual” video set to “FRANCHISE” by Travis Scott featuring Young Thug and M.I.A on their Youtube Channel.

Check it out below!

Look forward to Yugyeom activities under AOMG!

Korean Hip-Hop Awards 2021 Voting Is Now Open Online

The annual music awards for Korean Hip Hop is back this year with really good nominations from various artists. HIPHOPLE together with HIPHOPPLAYA will be working together for this music awards.

The 2021 Korean Hip-Hop Awards ceremony will be held online. The date and time is scheduled for mid-February. This awards show will be hosted by HIPHOPLE and HIPHOPPLAYA. One the major sponsor is Dingo Freestyle (DF). Dingo Freestyle, a hip-hop media channel, will participate as a media sponsor to produce meaningful content, including special online content.

The Korean Hip-hop Awards hope that many musicians will be able to support their work, and for the great musicians who have passed through it, it will be a pure inspiration to reflect on their original intentions. The Korean Hip-hop Awards will be an award given to fans who have consistently supported Korean hip-hop, respecting the fierceness of countless musicians who have created the current hip-hop scene.

Artist of the Year Nominations
Artists: Jay Park, Swings, JUSTHIS, YUMDDA, Paloalto and Deepflow

Rookie Artist of the Year Nominations
Artists: Homies, Wonstein, Swervy, Bibi, Gwangil Jo and DeVita

HIP-HOP Album of the Year Nominations
Albums: Detox, Founder (Deepflow), H1GHR: Red Tape and Blue Tape (H1GHR MUSIC), 1Q87 (NUCKSAL),

Hip-Hop Track Of The Year

R&B Albums of the Year

R&B Track of the Year

Underrated Album of the Year

Producer of the Year

Collaboration of the Year

Music Video of the Year

Label of the Year

How to vote on Korean Hip Hop Awards:
1. Go to
2. Login/Register
3. Pick the category
4. Select the artist or album that you want to vote
5. Confirm your vote
6. You’re done with the votes

You can use your facebook for voting KHA2021. This is the guide for the fans.

Goodluck to all the nominees. Vote your favorites now!

Show Me The Money 3 Winner Bobby Announcing His Solo Comeback After Three Years Through A Video Teaser

Show Me The Money 3 winner, Bobby returns with a new solo song. Bobby’s solo comeback is about 3 years and 4 months, and even fans are unexpectedly surprised, so a lot of attention is drawn.

YG Entertainment posted a video of BOBBY ‘COMING SOON’ TEASER on the official sns at 9 am on the 15th of January.

In the video, Bobby appeared from a high place overlooking the Han River. Next, Bobby confidently ran toward the dizzying boundary and looked at the distant feet and made a meaningful expression.

It is a short video of about 27 seconds, but the intense BGM and dynamic screen composition aroused the expectation of the viewer.

The specific schedule or album format has not been disclosed yet. As a result, our curiosity about the concept of his new solo song grew.

In 2013 Mnet ‘WHO IS NEXT: WIN’, Bobby showed off her outstanding skills in rap and dance as well as lyrics and composition.

Since then, he won the championship of Mnet ‘Show Me the Money 3’ broadcast in 2014, and debuted as iKON in 2015 and debuted as ‘I Loved’, ‘Taste Sniper’, ‘I Will Die’, and the title song ‘I Love You’ for the first solo album and ‘RUN AWAY’ and many other hit songs.

In recent years, WINNER Song Min-ho, who was active as a unit MOBB, showed off the song ‘Ok Man’ from the 2nd full-length solo album ‘Ok Man’ in collaboration, and made the eyes and ears of fans happy.

Bobby, who is recognized for her star and ability at the same time, is paying attention to what kind of music and stage she will show off her new charm.

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GLDN (Golden) Part Ways With H1GHR MUSIC

H1GHRMUSIC artist, GLDN (Golden) terminates his exclusive contract with his label H1GHR MUSIC today. GLDN (Golden) joined H1GHR MUSIC in 2017.

H1GHRMUSIC announced the end of its exclusive contract with Golden. Today, H1GHR MUSIC announced the end of its exclusive contract with Golden through its official SNS channel.

The label said, “This is to inform everyone that our exclusive contract with our artist Golden, who has filled the deep emotions with H1GHR MUSIC over the past three years, has ended. We sincerely thank all the fans who have cared for Golden, and H1GHR MUSIC will continue to support Golden’s new journey.”

Golden recent achievement is winning this season’s of “Voice Korea 2020.” His first release under the new name ‘Golden’ was EP “Hate Everything”.

He performed “Hero” recently with JUSTHIS and contestant Khundi Panda in the semi-final round of Show Me The Money 9 last month.

You may also check out his recent single for “Another Sad Love Song” available in Korean and English versions. This is already available in all music platforms.

Here’s Golden (김지현) Official Audio “Another Sad Love Song” (Kor Ver.)

Here’s Golden (김지현) Official Audio “Another Sad Love Song” (Eng Ver.)

Golden’s favorite motto, “Work Hard, Stay Humble.” Let’s look forward on his next step with his music career.

[NEWS] R&B/Soul artist MELOH Officially Signed An Exclusive Contract with YUMDDA And The Quiett’s Label Daytona Entertainment

Daytona Entertainment welcomes their second artist, R&B/Soul artist #MELOH (#멜로). Meloh is also releasing new album tonight at 6pm.

Kim JinHo better known as MELOH (Meloh) is a hip-hop R&B artist who studied in Shanghai. He began his music career in SoundCloud in 2017, and made his debut with SMILE (Feat. 보이비) (Prod. by WOOGIE). He made a great attention for his sweet voice and witty lyrics through “Sign Here,” which aired in 2019.

SMILE (Feat. 보이비) (Prod. by WOOGIE)

Check out MELOH’s SoundCloud:

What do you think? Is MELOH an artist you’re ready to check out? Let us know in the comments below.