Prosecutors Ask For A 3 years In Prison For B.I Drug Charges + 1.5 Million Won In Fine.

Prosecutors have requested three years in prison for singer B.I (25, Kim Hanbin), a former member of the idol group iKON.

On the 27th, the Seoul Central District Court’s 25-3 Criminal Division (I) held the first trial on the charge of violating the Narcotics Management Act (Hyangjeong) of B.I.

On the same day, the prosecution said that B.I had been confirmed to smoke marijuana and purchased LSD, and that he had also secured his own confession. Prosecutors said they also checked the contents of KakaoTalk conversations with Mr. A, who was known as a public interest informant at the time.

The court concluded the pleadings and announced the sentencing date to September 10.

According to the prosecution, B.I was found guilty of buying cannabis and LSD, a kind of drug, through his acquaintance A between April 2016 and May 2015 and taking some medications, and was investigated for a long time. For this trial, a notice of indictment was received on May 28, and the court sent a notice of the trial date to B.I through an attorney.

According to the contents of the investigation revealed so far, B.I is known to have admitted to some of his charges. In September 2019, B.I was investigated for about 14 hours by the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency, and it is said that he admitted to the charge of inhaling drugs. B.I was a witness at the time of the investigation, but was immediately converted to the suspect status, and was handed over to trial five years after being caught after being investigated by the prosecution.

The circumstances of B.I’s drug allegations were revealed through the contents of a Kakao Talk conversation he had with B.I during an emergency arrest at his home near Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, where it was revealed that he had used drugs with Big Bang member TOP. surprised In the conversation, B.I said, “How much does it cost to get it?” “Do you have a dealer you are looking for?” “How is L (LSD, a hallucinogen designated as a narcotic) doing?” It contained the content of asking questions such as, and Mr. A stated that this was true and that “10 LSD sheets were delivered near the dorm at B.I’s request.”


M1NU Drops New Single And Music Video For ‘Dance’ Featuring Ted Park

Kim Min Woo also known with his stage name M1NU, a South Korean rapper unveils his new album title song ‘Dance,’ from his new album, ’91 Croco’ featuring independent rapper, Ted Park. ’91 Croco,’ filled with M1NU’s unique colors, was release on various online music sites on July 30th.

On 28th of July, Highline Entertainment, the official agency of M1NU dropped the music video teaser for the title song ‘Dance’ of the his latest album ’91 Croco’.

This album ’91 Croco’ is in full English songs. M1NU and his label is aiming to enter the global market. The music video also features some of his co-rappers in Highschool Rapper Season 4.

M1NU made a huge impact after joining Mnet’s survival show, “Highschool Rapper Season 4.”

M1NU’s ’91 Croco’ is coming back album after a year since the released of his debut single ‘Flashback,’ that was dropped in June of last year.

Watch the the official music video of ‘Dance’ by M1NU featuring Ted Park

South Korean Hip-Hop Artist JUNGSU Drops New Single “Breakdown”

After a year he released Gotta Bring It Back in September 2020, up-and-coming KHiphop and K-R&B artist JUNGSU dropped his much anticipated new single “Breakdown” last August 13.

This is his first single of 2021 after a full year of break. After graduating UCLA in 2020, he’s seen big life changes such as moving back to his home country, South Korea. As he looks back on his time in the States, especially during sophomore year of college in which he was constantly in a state of mental breakdown due to isolation, loneliness, and helplessness induced by personal problems.

The message embedded in “Breakdown” encourages listeners that although they are definitely not alone in the fight, it’s actually okay to “want” to be alone for some time.

During that period of “aloneness” in the state of Breakdown, JUNGSU tore into pieces but was slowly but surely glued back together through the everlasting peace that nothing and no one in this world can provide. The author and defender
of that perfect healing, as JUNGSU credits, is Jesus Christ.

Stream “Breakdown” on Spotify, Apple Music, and other music streaming platforms.

Check out his official website for more details.

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South Korean rapper TANGTHEAWESOME Drops his latest single ‘Nirvana’

Kwon Young-hoon (TANGTHEAWESOME) is back with the new single [nirvana], which contains a message to question the reason for life and sympathize with it together. It’s his second single this year since ‘yuck’ released last March, which intended to express comfort to all those who were hurt by others.

Kwon Young-hoon explained the background of this album, “Just people’s presence means a lot, But it’s not always dazzling and beautiful and when people face a painful and cruel life, they often think about the reason of life, ‘why should I live? I think that the most important thing is not about finding the reason, but it means enough to question about the reason and acknowledge the existence of the reason.”

NIRVANA says that it is enough to have a slight reason to question the reason for life and it’s fine to face the nature of life that the question comes up repeatedly. Featuring Kwon Young-hoon’s honest lyrics and addictive melody, [nirvana] will be out on the streaming sites and the official YouTube channel.


ALBUM : nirvana


  1. nirvana


  1. nirvana​
    Produced : MoonMean
    Lyrics : 권영훈 (TANGTHEAWESOME)
    Composed : 권영훈 (TANGTHEAWESOME), MoonMean
    Arranged : MoonMean
    Mixed : 운종박
    Mastered : blurrychords, 운종박

Listen to the official audio of Nirvana by TangTheAwesome:

Gray-Song Minho joins ‘Show Me The Money 10’ As The First Lineup Of Producers

GRAY and WINNER Mino join producer line-up for Mnet ‘Show Me The Money 10’ airing this fall.

Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money 10’, which is accepting rapper applications ahead of its first broadcast this fall, is drawing attention by revealing Gray and Song Min-ho as their first producer lineup.

First of all, Gray is a trend-leading artist who produces various genres of music in a sensual and sophisticated way, and has a deep relationship with ‘Show Me the Money’. As the protagonist of the season 5 syndrome, the winner Bewhy was produced, and the sound sources produced at that time swept the top spots of the charts. In other seasons, he performed various activities such as producing, stage featuring, and special producer.

Gray said, “It’s been 5 years since I appeared as a producer for season 5. I’m very excited and excited about what kind of participants and artists I will be working with. I hope that many talented people will come out.” I will make good music stages,” he said with a special determination.

Next, Song Min-ho, who took the runner-up place in ‘Show Me the Money 4’ by showing several legendary stages with his unique low-pitched voice and irreplaceable charisma, will return as a producer. Even after the broadcast, a global artist who has been successful in both groups and solos with his excellent songwriting, composing, and producing abilities, and has mastered both under and over.

Song Min-ho said, “I gained a lot from the last ‘Show Me the Money 4’, where I appeared as a participant. He said, “I will fight to be a musical help to the team members who will be with the participants.”

In addition, as the two are currently recruiting rappers for ‘Show Me the Money 10’, they also revealed the appearance of the participants they want. Gray said, “We are going to select the participants who will be drawn. I think the most important character is a character that can imagine ‘if this participant is good music,’ it can be a character. Skill can be a character, or a character full of personality can be a character. I think I have. I think I will see the ability to know my strengths well and make good use of them.” Song Min-ho added, “I think I will be attracted to participants who can show off their talents by catching their talents as well as their skills.”

While people are curious about the relationship between Gray and Minho Song as they formed a producer team together, the two, who boast stylish and solid productions, are looking forward to the fresh music and best chemistry that will be presented at ‘Show Me the Money 10’.

‘Show Me the Money’, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, is the representative program of Mnet, a music channel that has developed the Korean hip-hop genre into popular music. This ‘Show Me the Money 10’ is expected to be a season focusing on the essence of hip-hop and rap based on the 10-year heritage of ‘Show Me the Money’ with the concept of ‘The Original’. In addition, upgraded missions and signature missions unique to ‘Show Me the Money 10’ are added, and rich special contents for the 10th anniversary are also planned to visit viewers.

Above all, there is a lot of interest in the return of all-time kingmaker producers who will complete the concept of ‘The Original’ along with Gray and Song Minho. The rapper application will be accepted through the official website and SNS until July 31st, and the first broadcast is scheduled for this fall.

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South Korean Artist And Producer Penomeco joins P Nation + announces EP [Dry Flower]

PENOMECO has joined PSY’s label P NATION.

On 20th of April, P NATION announced the news of an exclusive contract with PENOMECO through the official SNS, and PENOMECO also delivered the news to fans through personal SNS.

Subsequently, on the same day, PENOMECO released her first move in P Nation and a new EP [Dry Flower]. A total of 10 songs were included in [Dry Flower], and Hoody, Kid Mill, Sogumm, and Verbal Jint participated.

Youtuber NunReacts Collaborated With Many Korean Artists Such as BewhY, Zico Has Signed An Exclusive Management Contract with CTM

Source : NunReacts Official Youtube Channel

YouTuber NunReacts, who is receiving a lot of love for reaction content about Korean hip-hop scene, has signed an exclusive contract with CULTURE THINK MANAGEMENT (CTM, CEO Jin Kyeom Kim).

NunReacts is a popular YouTuber with over 400k subscribers. As the idea for the name came from a nun, the creator appears in content with wearing a mask of a nun and is called as ‘brother Nun’ or ‘Mr(Mrs). Nun’.

NunReacts has secured a strong fan base with a high understanding of the Korean hip-hop scene and intense reactions to the music and live performance of hip-hop musicians. Also, the official merchandise sold in December was sold out in a short period, proving its popularity.


CTM, a comprehensive artist management company, has a roster including Basick, Colde, Crucial Star, Sam Ock, and many other artists and is providing the same professional management services to creators such as NunReacts, Conut Tv as well, so that creators can give full play to their talents in various fields.

With this exclusive contract as momentum, it is expected that NunReacts will more actively engage in on- and off-line and both inside and outside of Korea as a global YouTuber who promotes Korean hip-hop to overseas hip-hop fans.

Check out NunReacts Official Youtube Channel :

New Adventure For Mr. Aquaman As Beasts And Natives Alike Welcomes Beenzino As Their New Artist + New Single “Monet”

Lim Sung-bin, better known by the stage name Beenzino who debuted under Illionaire Records is now an artist under Beasts And Natives Alike.

A demo version of “Monet” was released via Beenzino’s official SoundCloud account. Beenzino is currently preparing for the release of his 2nd full album, “Nowitzki”.

BEASTS AND NATIVES ALIKE is a South Korean Hip-hop artist management company, has a roster including E SENS, XXX (Kim Ximya, FRNK), 250, Erick Oh, Glen Check, D.Sanders, Jo Woong, and many other artists. It was founded by former SM Entertainment A&R representative Kim Ki-hyun (김기현).

Check out the demo version via Beenzino’s official SoundCloud, below!

Sensational Artist Jessi Is Making A Comeback For ‘What Type Of X’ This March

P Nation’s Jessi is making a comeback.

Jessi’s label PNation posted 3 teaser images along with the digital single title of Jesse, which is scheduled to be released on the 17th, through the official SNS on the afternoon of the 9th. The title is ‘What Type Of X’, and it is a song that honestly expresses Jesse’s unique self-confidence and self-esteem.

In the newly released three teaser images, the appearance of Jesse who exudes an extraordinary fashion sense and confident and confident charisma is contained.

Jesse, who has been a busier year than anyone else, led the challenge craze with ‘Nunu Nana’, released in July last year, and recorded the best sound record, and can generate a hot reaction with the new song, ‘What Type Of X’ released in eight months. The expectation is higher.

It will be released through various online music sites at 6 pm on the 17th.

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